Scanning Service

(Formerly Test Scoring)

MedIT provides optical scan forms and electronic marking for multiple choice exams, tests and course/lecture evaluations.

Please take a moment to carefully read the guide for printing the ReMark blank form below:

  1. Print ALL copies of the Master and Student form directly from the PDF file. Do not photocopy forms from a printout. 
  2. Print ALL forms from the same printer from the beginning of the printing process to the end. Do not use the fit to page option in the print settings menu. Always use ACTUAL SIZE.
  3. If you require both pages of the form (more than 48 questions), ensure that two-sided (duplex) printing is selected and that the “top” of both pages of the form is oriented in the same direction.
  4. Do not modify the provided forms.
  5. IMPORTANT: Print at least one “test page” to verify that your settings are correct before producing the final batch of forms.

After an exam, educators/coordinators can drop off package consisting of the Order Form, Master Key and Student forms, to MedIT for processing. The processed results will be shared via OneDrive, to the email provided in the Order form. Processing time for scanning jobs is typically 2-3 business days, and this may vary depending on the nature of the material and during peak periods. If someone else other than the persons mentioned in the order form will be picking up the package after they were processed, please notify us in advance with the full name of the person as the package will not be released to unauthorized people.

Note that priority will be given to departments and programs within the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. We encourage interested clients to send an email to MedIT for more information.