E-module Production

MedIT can help with the production of online, interactive, learning tools using Articulate Storyline and Rise. These are becoming increasingly popular to allow students to progress at their own pace to understand basic to more complex concepts.  

Content can include text, video clips, images, narration, sound effects; interactivity can include quizzes, click to reveal content, drag and drop games or exercises, text inputs; modules can be added to Elentra or Quercus, and results can be integrated with students grades. There are many possibilities for creating  unique and interesting pedagogical tools.

For more information, see service: e-module-production

Examples of E-modules Produced by MedIT

The examples of e-modules shown below have been created by MedIT using Articulate Storyline. These examples are not the full modules, but have been abridged to show some of the key features. Click the images to see the abridged versions.

This emodule consists of 3 separate sections, each with a short quiz that must be successfully completed before access to the following section is allowed. Interactivity includes pre- and post-quizzes, exercises such as drag and drop for order of events and categories, and text input; most of the text is also included in the voice-over.

This is part of a series of emodules designed for A & S students to become familiar with scientific concepts. It includes click-to reveal, text input, and quizzes; this module does not include voice-over.

This example is a clean-looking emodule with images, voice-over, and links to both U of T and external sites to provide first-year students with curated resources to help them navigate the financial world.