About Video Playback at TFoM

Videos in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine are hosted primarily on 4 platforms: Stream, Vimeo, YouTube, and Panopto. These platforms provide different features and security settings, and videos are hosted on the various platforms depending on the requirements of the video.

See the FAQ: What is the difference between "hosting" and "posting" a video?

Stream and Panopto

The MD Program currently uses Stream, part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications, as its main delivery platform. Stream is a very secure platform for video delivery in the MD Program, but sometimes, too secure, as it is not available to anyone without a utoronto email address. Microsoft will be making changes to Stream in the near future, which, for a number of reasons, will make it less appropriate as a video delivery system for the MD Program. After January 2022, new videos in the MD Program will be hosted on Panopto. Most videos already posted before this date will remain on Stream. With Panopto, copying videos within Elentra courses (for the following year) will no longer be an issue: permissions to the video come from the course, not from the video, as is the case with Stream. Confused yet? Suffice to say that Panopto will be a much better experience for both learners and admins, and for us at MedIT, the back end of the system is more accessible and transparent. More to come on Panopto in the coming months.


The MD Program uses a YouTube channel to post their pre-week videos, and some departments also post their videos on their own channels. MedIT does not manage these channels for departments.


MedIT has an enterprise Vimeo account for videos that need to be viewed by those outside of the university community. Any of a variety of security settings can be applied to a video, and the video can be shared via a link in an email or embedded into a website.