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WebCV is system that allows faculty members to track their academic activities and produce various reports that can be used for individual, university/hospital departmental, and Faculty of Medicine processes.

WebCV is now only available to faculty members from Department of Medicine who have signed a Letter of Understanding with the Dean’s Office who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Tenured and tenure stream faculty
  2. Teaching stream faculty (Lecturers and Senior Lecturers)
  3. Faculty with contractually limited term appointments (CLTAs)
  4. Full-time clinical faculty (excluding part-time or adjunct clinical faculty)
  5. Status only faculty with a PhD (or equivalent) employed in a research/scientist role at an affiliated hospital/research institute (including organizations like Public Health Ontario, Wilson Centre, etc.), and where their main academic institute is UofT.

MedIT provides user training on a regular basis to show users (administrative and faculty members) how to use the system.  Users can also request one on one sessions, however these are provided based on team availability and are typically reserved for faculty/staff who are undergoing their first implementation into WebCV.

For questions and inquiries, please email medicine.webcv@utoronto.ca. For more information, just visit the Department of Medicine website.