Computer Lab Booking

IMPORTANT NOTE: Availability of the computer lab is subject to change depending on COVID-19 guidelines. Please check with MedIT before planning.

The MedIT has a computer lab equipped with laptops and internet access. The lab can be booked by Staff and Faculty to facilitate classes, special seminars, exams and tests.

  • MSB 3281 (44 seats, 30 computers)

Advance booking is required to secure the computer lab. Please note that we reserve the right to assign priority to certain programs or types of use, and also the right to re-assign rooms at any time. If we do need to re-assign a room, we will provide as much advance notice as possible, and will make every effort to re-locate your booking in an acceptable alternate location (though we cannot guarantee this). The computer lab can be booked for weekday usage between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm. Please ask us about after-hours arrangements.

The workstations are running Windows 10, and have Microsoft Office Professional 2016 and a variety of browsers (IE, Firefox, and Chrome) installed, along with a range of other educational software. See the Links below for a link to a page with more information on the software on these computers, and also a guideline on the installation of additional software. Whiteboard supplies are available from the service desk for use during the exam or class. To book a room, please email MedIT.

Service Charges
Yes There is no charge for Faculty of Medicine staff, students and faculty members for space and equipment usage. There are charges if reserved by non-Faculty of Medicine UofT offices or departments, or if MedIT support staff are required outside of normal business hours.
•    No charge for Faculty of Medicine Staff, Students and Faculty for computer lab usage. 
•    Computer Lab bookings for non-Faculty of Medicine Clients is $150/hour. A quotation will be provided in the form of a Letter of Understanding (LOU)
•    Other charges, including dedicated tech support, licensed software use and reimaging, may apply—please consult the Service Desk for a quotation, which will be provided as a Letter of Understanding (LOU).
Service Availability
MedIT business hours. Reservations outside business hours are possible, but are subject to conditions and surcharges.
Service Category
Academic IT Services, Facilities
Supported Hours
MedIT business hours. Reservations outside business hours are possible, but are subject to conditions and surcharges.
Faculty, Staff, Students (via departmental contact)
Service Provider
Discovery Commons