Q: How do I reset my UTORid?

The Discovery Commons Service Desk does have the ability to reset UTORid passwords. But, if you require assistance to make UTORid account information changes, or update UTORid account status, please contact the Information Commons, located on the first floor of Robarts Library. You may walk up for service (please bring photo ID for account changes) or telephone for assistance (416 978 HELP). You can visit http://sites.utoronto.ca/ic/ to verify their operating hours.

Q: I can log in with my UTORid but cannot access the web application?

You may not have the correct authorizations to view the web application content. Please contact the system administrator to confirm your UTORid and authorization.

Q: I cannot log in with my UTORid. How can I resolve this?

If your UTORid is prefixed with ‘qq’ you have been assigned a temporary UTORid that has an expiration of a maximum of TWO years, so it is possible that this temporary UTORid has expired. If you would like a permanent UTORid, contact your business officer. If you do have a permanent UTORid and have problems signing in, you should contact the Information Commons Help Desk: http://help.ic.utoronto.ca.

Q: How do hospital staff get a UTORid?

Clinical supervisors, course directors, or preceptors may request access to Quercus/LMS for hospital staff that assists them in their work with the Faculty of Medicine. If you fall into this category and will not appear in HRIS, your sponsoring department should request a Portal-Only UTORid through Discovery Commons. Full access to the University’s libraries, wireless system, and teaching stations are granted only to staff who are fully affiliated with the Temerty Faculty of Medicine.