Regenerating the Appointment Application Form PDF

The Appointment Application Form PDF is a system-generated file, triggered initially when a candidate application is accepted for consideration by DC. If changes to this document are required, the  document can be re-generated inside Laserfiche.

  1. Click on the candidate dossier to display the Candidate Information template.
  2. The fields in the far right column will be displayed and can be edited. Make your required changes here first and click Save.
  3. In the centre window, right click on either the Appointment Application PDF (or the Appointment Status file), select Start Business Process, then Show all business processes.
Regenerating Appointments Application Form PDF
Start business process
  1. Beside “Appointments – Re-create Application Form – Clinical” or “Appointments - Re-create Application Form – NonClinical”,  click Start.

The Application PDF will be regenerated with your new data. To view the revised PDF, click on the refresh button to the upper right (the Creation date will change), then click on the PDF.